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Spring Fever Leadership

What to do when a fun activity turns into a gripe fest? Turn to leadership. I’m not sure if it was due to spring fever, or typical adolescent waxing and waning maturity, but our students’ behavior reminded me of children who get dessert every day and then start to complain about the flavor of ice […]

Creating a Culture of Kindness

Hearts are breaking in communities all over our nation in the aftermath of yet another devastating school shooting. How do we keep our children safe?  How do we change our culture?  I contend that if parents, teachers and leaders would teach and model kindness, empathy and perhaps even courage, we would make significant progress in […]

To Love Learning

by Karyn Ewart, PhD. “He used to love school,” is a common refrain I hear from parents. Too many students are falling out of love with school after elementary school, when school transitions from hands-on learning to rote memorization, layered with a lot of homework and a culture of acceleration. Schools are holding college preparedness […]

Problem-Based Learning Summer Camp

Problem-based learning is exemplified at our Rube Goldberg Machine Summer Camp. A Rube Goldberg machine is a simple machine comprised of common items that perform a simple task in a deliberately complicated manner.  Rube Goldberg machines include many aspects of physics, energy, and energy transfer, all working together in a chain reaction. The machine is named […]