The Sycamore School integrates academic development, social emotional growth and civic engagement. We value all three core branches of personal growth and will use curricula to support a student’s development as a whole person.

Academic Development

Helping students master the content knowledge, specific skills, and literacies needed to succeed in work and life in order to become critical thinkers who can make connections, solve problems, and communicate clearly.
How? Through…

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Experiential & Project Based LearningStudents Connect Concepts Across Content Areas and to the Real World
Personalized Instruction with Student ChoiceStudents take ownership of their learning resulting in increased self-sufficiency and confidence
Integrated CurriculumMastery of 21st Century Literacies (e.g., Financial Literacy, Economic Literacy, Technology Literacy, Global Awareness)
Specialized Reading, Writing & Math InstructionContent Knowledge Mastery

Social and Emotional Development

Helping each student develop mindfulness by increasing self, social, and cultural awareness to become productive, responsible leaders and collaborators.
How? Through…

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Regular Mindfulness PracticeSelf & Social Awareness
Improv & Theater ExperiencesCreativity, Communication & Collaboration Skills
Advisory & Mentoring GroupsResponsible Decision Making
Cooperative LearningResiliency, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Civic Engagement

Helping students explore environmental, economic, and political systems in order to develop strengths and aptitudes to improve the quality of life in the community.
How? Through…

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Living ClassroomMeaningful Learning Experiences
Field StudiesCareer Exploration
Exploring Community ResourcesCivic Literacy
Service LearningCommunity Involvement

Our 3 roots stem from our Core Values.