Our 3 Roots

The Sycamore School integrates academic development, social-emotional growth, and civic engagement. We value all three core branches of personal growth and use curricula to support a student’s development as a whole person.  Students have a set of learning strands they are expected to master at the end of middle school and high school.  These learning strands include cognitive, social-emotional, and civic skills.

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Academic Development

Helping students master the content knowledge, specific skills, and literacies needed to succeed in work and life, we develop critical thinkers who can make connections, solve problems, and communicate clearly.  Through our mastery-based learning approach, students are given time to master skills at their own pace vs. a traditional approach where courses are structured over a fixed time period. This allows students to accelerate through material they easily master and slow down where they need more time to master a topic.  Students move forward based on their ability to demonstrate that they know something, not on seat time.

How? Through…

Experiential & Problem Based Learning Critical Thinking & Problem-solving
Personalized Instruction with Student Choice Self-sufficiency & Confidence
Integrated Curriculum Increased retention of skills
Focus on student-readiness skills Strong Executive Functioning Skills
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Social and Emotional Development

Helping each student develop mindfulness by increasing self, social, and cultural awareness to become productive, responsible leaders and collaborators.
How? Through…

Regular Mindfulness Practice Self-Management
Social Problem Solving in Real Time Self & Social Awareness
Advisory & Mentoring Groups Responsible Decision Making
Cooperative Learning Experiences Effective Communication
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Civic Engagement

Helping students explore environmental, economic, and political systems in order to develop strengths and aptitudes to improve the quality of life in the community.
How? Through…

Living Classroom Meaningful Learning Experiences
Field Studies Career Exploration
Exploring Community Resources Civic Literacy
Service Learning Community Involvement