The Sycamore School Offers Inquiry-Based Learning, Personalized Education, and Self-Discovery

Our Mission

To provide a dynamic, nurturing and personalized education that inspires a passion for learning, self-discovery and connection to the community.

Our Vision

To cultivate engaged, independent lifelong learners who can think critically and apply their knowledge to real-world experiences in order to achieve personal success and contribute positively to their community.

Incorporating Research-based Best Practices 

There is a disconnect between recommended research-based best practices for secondary education and what students are offered in traditional school settings.

The Sycamore School incorporates best practices by offering:

  • A small and safe learning community
  • Differentiated instruction - we identify students’ individual learning strengths, needs, and interests and adapt lessons to match them
  • Experiential “hands on” learning activities paired with reflection exercises
  • A combination of individualized, paired and group learning opportunities
  • Integrated curriculum - connecting concepts across content areas and to the real world
  • Developmentally appropriate learning activities
  • Positive adult & student relationships that are cultivated through student-teacher collaboration
  • A focus on positive social & emotional development
  • A true partnership with parents to keep them informed of student progress

Our 10 Core Values:

  1. Respect - The Sycamore School is committed to promoting tolerance, kindness and acceptance of diverse beliefs, backgrounds and lifestyles; we emphasize empathy in our community to cultivate kindness, generosity and a forgiving spirit.
  2. Diversity - Having a diverse educational community enriches experiences for all our learners.   We embrace a variety of learners with varied strengths and struggles; we support ethnic, religious, cultural, political, economic and sexual diversity and we are a community that celebrates our differences.
  3. Flexibility – We encourage our staff and students to engage in creative problem solving and to keep an open mind, welcoming new opportunities and ways of learning.
  4. Creativity – We emphasize using your imagination to generate original ideas and think outside the box.
  5. Resiliency – We encourage our students to take risks, push through obstacles and not be afraid to make mistakes.
  6. Intellectual curiosity- We want our students engaged in the learning process, so we encourage asking questions, having a voice and active investigation in learning.
  7. Personal Responsibility –  Students need to be invested in their learning, initiate engagement in the learning process and own their behavior, decisions and actions.
  8. Mindfulness – We cultivate self-awareness so that students can be more present in their learning.
  9. Connection with the community - We think it’s important that students learn how to positively interact with others and develop an increased awareness and involvement in their local, state, national and global community; by helping others, we learn more about ourselves. Giving students opportunities to help others empowers them to be of service.
  10. Safe and Nurturing Environment - Students need to feel safe in order to take academic and social risks; they need to be supported in recognizing their strengths in order to achieve their potential.