Fundraising Events

The Sycamore School hosts two major fundraising events, our fall Family Trivia Night and our Spring Fundraising Breakfast.

TSS Fall Family Trivia Night

The Sycamore School hosts a fall Family Trivia night. This serves as both a community event and a fundraising event. We’ve hosted this both virtually and in-person at a local restaurant. TSS families and our community are invited to create a team and come to the event. This year we will be hosting the event in-person at Ballston Local Restaurant. Families can eat dinner and stay for trivia. We host several rounds of trivia with a live MC.

TSS Fundraising Breakfast

Our Annual Fundraising Breakfast celebrates the unique environment that is The Sycamore School. At the breakfast you will have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes glimpse of what learning looks like at TSS. From morning meetings and Friday community days to capstone projects and showcases, TSS shares their traditions that they engage in throughout the school year which set their community apart. . This event is filled with magic! Students perform music and theater pieces, parents and teachers speak of their experiences, and alumni share how TSS has prepared them for the “real world”. Join us in expressing our gratitude for our amazing community by attending the next fundraising breakfast in May 2024.

If you are interested in helping with one of our fundraising events, please contact Alicia Martinez, our Director of Development at