Resources for TSS During Virtual Learning:

Learning Rediscovered
Serving 5th-12th Grades

Resources for Parents

Three Ways to Boost Your Resilience as a Parent

Mindful Schools – Free Mindfulness Classes for Kids

Virtual Resources

Elisa Nebolsine, LCSW

CBT therapist Elisa Nebolsine is offering short-term anxiety counseling for parents and kids over ten via FaceTime or Zoom. Ms. Nebolsine is in private practice in McLean, VA, teaches child practice at CUA, is a clinical supervisor for the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, and is the author of an upcoming book, The Kids Grit Workbook. You can reach her at: elisa@cbtforkids, and her website is

*Free* Mindful Parenting in Stressful Times, hosted by Mindful Parenting, Francine Ronis, LP

Francine Ronis will be hosting free, weekly Zoom meetings on Facebook. Join us for support, practical strategies, community and love.  For parents of kids of all ages and non parents.
Please visit her FB page for more details.

Mindfulness for Stressful Times

Thursday, March 26that 12:30 PM ES

During this stressful time surrounding COVID-19, it may be difficult to live in the present moment, rather than worrying about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

Join The Heights Counseling and Wellness LLC on Thursday, March 26th at 12:30 PM EST for a Zoom webinar on “Mindfulness for Stressful Times.” The webinar will provide practical tools to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life, especially as we adjust to the changes brought on by the coronavirus. The webinar will be led by Kristen Lundquist, owner of The Heights Counseling and Wellness, LLC.

To join the webinar, please use this link:


Mental Health Apps

Dailyo– helps to set daily goals and will remind you. Allows you to process how you feel that day and write in a journal.

MyDBT – Provides skills to manage difficult emotions and allows tracking of skills.

Impulse App – helps to note impulses and help with managing and recognizing them

Headspace – Helps with guided imagery/meditation and allows you to write about and process difficult thoughts/feelings.

Reflectly– journaling app to reflect on your day

Sanity & Self – helps you to stay well with yourself during difficult times

Relax+ – Relaxation techniques

I am – Helps with positive affirmations and allows for pop up reminders of selected affirmations

Self Checkout – allows you to check in on yourself and your feelings, allows for journaling too

CBT-i coach – helps with sleeping better and with insomnia and techniques for combatting it

Woebot – virtual “personal life coach” to help think and feel better.

Toobee – positive affirmations and reminders as pop-up notifications to remind you of the affirmation at a frequency that works for you

The Mighty – mental health articles and affirming posts for self-help

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