Personalized Experiential Learning

Fostering a healthy community

Boy at The Sycamore School painting a muralWe believe that focusing on building relationships and cultivating a healthy educational community is essential and optimizes learning potential. Students need to feel comfortable, accepted and respected in order to grow both socially and academically. Classrooms need to be healthy containers that foster student safety, resilience, compassion and motivation. Cultivating nurturing, positive and reciprocal student-student and student-staff relationships is at the heart of a healthy learning community.

We do this through…

  • Daily all-school morning meetings
  • Regular community building activities
  • Team Teaching
  • Cooperative Learning Opportunities
  • Embracing diverse viewpoints and acceptance of differences; we encourage each student to find and use his or her unique voice.
  • Cultivating a growth mindset – We want to create a learning community that encourages curiosity, recognizes and accepts failure as part of the learning process, and challenges students to grow.
Engaging and Meaningful Instruction
Connecting students to themselves and the world around them