Our 5th Grade in Middle School Program Keeps Students Engaged


In middle school, our goal is to build academic, executive functioning and social-emotional skills, so that our students enter high school feeling grounded and prepared to take ownership of their learning.

NEW for Fall 2018: The Sycamore School is expanding to include 5th graders. This is an age where students start to become disconnected from their learning. We want to capture young learners and keep them engaged at a time when they may be bored or overwhelmed in a conventional school environment. Our mixed-age grouping supports the addition of 5th graders seamlessly.

Our middle school philosophy includes a no-homework* policy, giving students and their families much needed time off from structured learning. We encourage our families to participate in activities that support their student’s natural curiosity, as well as encouraging students to read for pleasure.

*Students will, from time to time, choose to take project based work home with them, but teachers are not assigning nightly work.