Three Years to Thrive

The Board is launching a new sustained support campaign that will deepen our commitment to the quality education that TSS provides: Three Years to Thrive at the Sycamore School.

We’ve made it through the pandemic by staying connected to our students and continuing to provide, both in person and remotely, individualized and engaging instruction. Now we are expanding our footprint by moving to a new location that offers increased opportunities for growth. To help support this endeavor, we want to ensure the future of TSS through three years of engagement. This is an opportunity for everyone to show a sustained commitment to support the school in partnership with the Board. Through committing to donating any amount yearly to TSS, you can expect:

  • Ensuring the future of the school as it grows and relocates the campus
  • “Future Creating” with The Sycamore School- supporting new programs and innovation in teaching and learning
  • Invitations to TSS Special Events (coffee and conversation).

Thank you for considering joining us in this exciting drive to support the future of TSS. The Board of Directors is “all in” on this effort! Submit your information below to join Three Years to Thrive at the Sycamore School!

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