For kids to thrive, school should be a good fit

Is your school a good fit?

As a parent, one of our biggest concerns can be making sure our children are thriving in their current school setting. When our children struggle and are unhappy at school, it creates considerable stress for the student and the whole family. Often it is this stress that leads parents to seek private school. As you consider school options for your children, be sure to ask potential school administrators “what is your school’s target student? Who are you serving?”

At The Sycamore School, we’re intentionally recruiting a diverse community of learners that reflect the range of abilities you would encounter in the general population. We are particularly seeking students who might be surviving – but not thriving – in their current learning environment.

Students who would be a good fit at The Sycamore School

Students with a Montessori background – because they already have many of the attributes we’re cultivating, such as initiative, independence and creativity.

Students who come from international schooling – because they are used to smaller, more engaging programs that help their students acclimate quickly to a diverse community.

Students who need to move around and are non-traditional learners – we provide opportunities for movement throughout the day and students have choices of how they work with concepts and demonstrate mastery.

Students who may excel in one area, but need extra help in another area – The Sycamore School embraces competency-based learning. That means that students can learn at their own pace, enabling them to take as long or as short a time on any given concept. So, there are opportunities for both remediation and acceleration.

Students who may need organizational support – we teach strategies to promote executive functioning. Our teachers have consistent routines and rituals, helping students internalize organizational habits. When students transition to high school, they can choose which strategy works best for them. The idea is to wean students off any accommodations in high school, so that they understand how they learn best and can effectively self-advocate and ask for any support versus expecting others to accommodate for any learning or organizational struggles.

Students with learning and attention struggles – The Sycamore School offers individualized instruction in all our classes and we also provide foundations classes, for students who have gaps in their learning or need extra help in a certain area, such as reading, writing or math.

We are looking for students who are bright, curious and craving a more personalized, engaging and dynamic learning community. The Sycamore School was created to cultivate engaged, independent lifelong learners who can think critically and apply their knowledge to real-world experiences in order to achieve personal success and contribute positively to their community. If you think we could be the right fit for your student, come meet us in person.