Resources for TSS During Virtual Learning:

Learning Rediscovered
Serving 5th-12th Grades


Remote Learning – Tips and Lessons Learned

Shifting to distance learning has been an adjustment for students, staff, and parents. At The Sycamore School, we offer individualized instruction, so our unique challenge was determining how to offer the same level of support remotely, recognizing that: Many of our parents work full time, so they have limited ability to monitor and check in […]

First Week of Remote Learning at TSS

The week of March 9th felt like a month.  At the beginning of the week, the coronavirus still seemed at arms length.  By Wednesday evening it became clear to me that we would need to shut down our school facility and support our students remotely sooner, rather than later.  On Thursday morning, I explained the […]

Virtual Schooling Resources: Movement and Mindfulness for Kids

Tips and Resources to Keep Kids and Families Active and Calm During the Coronavirus Outbreak (and always!) Are your kids going crazy in the house? At the Sycamore School, our physical education program is called Movement & Mindfulness. While families begin to adjust to virtual schooling, our school counselor and Director of Student Services, Yvette […]

Don’t Panic! How parents and families can respond to the COVID-19 outbreak

Parents, help mitigate panic and communicate realistic expectations to your children. It feels as if individuals are falling into two camps in response to the Coronavirus outbreak: panicking or dismissive. Neither reaction is helpful. Instead, we need to take preventative measures seriously and think beyond ourselves.  Panic: A Selfish Response Panic can bring out the […]